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Fire Deptartment

4 days ago

Hagerstown Indiana Fire Department

Use caution! Multiple departments on scene. Roads are also slick in spots due to water shuttle. ...


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Be safe out there guys.

Be careful out there Brothers may God protect you in your efforts ! Praying for your safety ! Your Brothers from Converse Volunteer Fire Dept.

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4 weeks ago

Hagerstown Indiana Fire Department


4 weeks ago

Hagerstown Indiana Fire Department


1 month ago

Hagerstown Indiana Fire Department


1 month ago

Hagerstown Indiana Fire Department



Attention Hagerstown Residents! We just want to let people know that both of the leaf vacs are broke down and are diligently being repaired at this time. As soon as we get one back up and going our crews will resume leaf pick up. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are allowing people to bag the leaves in CLEAR BAGS and we will pick those up in the mean time. ...


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Nina Murray

Christina Kelley

Take note New Castle Street Department, this is one more reason people want to move out of here.

Wesley Shepherd

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Hagerstown Water customers are on a boil order until further notice. There was a one call last evening. If you did not receive the one call please contact town hall and verify that your phone number is correct. Thank you. ...


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Any update?

Couldn't get anyone to answer.

Word is that it was lifted at 3:00pm today 10/12 friday.

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Video of water leak at South Pearl and Walnut 10-9-18. ...


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This one might take 2 cans....

Betty Swoveland

Teresa Aldrich Weesner Wesley Shepherd Well that explains it

Mary Short

Yeah, great.......more chlorine in the water. 😑

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Hagerstown is the only water utility that I’ve seen “drain the tower” to make repairs....proper maintenance on the system could prevent this and also save quite a bit of money. How much did it cost to treat the water in the tower to simply drain it? Oh that doesn’t matter, we will just raise the rates of our customers!

Robin Wilkins

Dawn Woolley

"Several hours"? Ha........try ALL NIGHT LONG.....TRY 7 HOURS AT LEAST.

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Police Deptartment

HPD would like to congratulate Officers Eric Miller and Luke Smith for the following 2018 accomplishments !!

Luke Smith the 2018 HPD Reserve Officer of the year
Eric Miller for his 25th Year of service to HPD


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Great job Luke!!

Way to go Luke πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Great job guys!

Congratulations guys!

Congratulations Luke!!

Congratulations Luke!

Congratulations to the both of you



Congratulations gents!

Congratulations Luke

Congratulations officers!!

Congrats Luke!!

Congratulations to both of you.


Officer of the year BALLERs

Congratulations to you both!!

Congrats to both officers.

well done, Officers!


Fantastic accomplishments!



Many congrats

Congratulations Luke!

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HPD has been working closely with Nettle Creek Schools bus garage in enforcing School Bus stop arm violations. Several buses are equipped with cameras that activate when the stop arm is activated and takes still pictures. HPD issued 3 citations this week for disregarding the stop arm. Please pay attention or get cited !! ...


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Passing a school bus violation should be as stiff as DUI. Pull license for 30 days on first violation!!!! Second in a 5 year time frame gone for 90 days and driver take stupidity class. And the 10,000.00 fine should be enforced on every one!!!!!!!!!!!

This should result in a license suspended for say a year which would result in high cost insurance.

Isn’t it sad though that people can’t just follow the rules and stop? Thanks HPD for working to help ensure the safety of our students!

Nice! Didn't know this technology existed! They should have their license suspended as well in my opinion

Thank you HPD for working to keep our children safe, and thank you Nettle Creek Schools for this extra investment for student safety.

It’s about time they started doing this. Every school bus everywhere should have the cameras and do this.


What happens after multiple violations by the same person? When will they loose a license?

That’s great!

Thank you! Approximately 5 times EVERY school year I see cars NOT stopping for the school bus in front of my house. I am thankful that the cameras on the new buses are working. Thanks Nettle Creek School and HPD. This will help keep our kids safe!

Prayers for the safety of all children

Great job!!!

Thank you for taking care of our kids!

Great job!!!! Thank you for keeping children safe!!!!

Thank you!!!

Melissa Ann Halstead

I think this is great!

Thank you for helping to keep our students safe!

That's awesome...keep up the good work

Great job keeping the kids safe!

Stop for our children!!!

PS way to go!

So what’s the citation?

Every Bus and the stiffest penalties

A Class B misdemeanor unless you run over someone, then it becomes Class A? Not much of a deterrent

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Dispatcher Family Needs Assistance / House Burnt Down
Wayne County (Indiana) Dispatcher Adam Whallon's house burnt down in the early morning hours of November 28, 2018. It was a total loss. His wife, Chrissy, is nine months pregnant with a baby boy. They have a three year old daughter, Hadley.

The Richmond, Indiana Fire Department is coordinating a relief effort for the Whallon family. The contact persons for this effort are Chris Morris (765)220-2071 and Destiny Johnson (765)993-9839.

Here are some sizes for clothing items:
Adam - Shirts: Large / Pants: 30x32
Chrissy - Still in maternity clothes (size unknown at this time)
Hadley - 3T
Baby Boy - Newborn / Newborn diapers.

Any financial assistance will go directly to Adam Whallon. You can write a check directly to him if you choose to give financial support.


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Are they still needing donations for the little girl?

I have a box of newborn baby boy clothes and a bassinet

Is there an address for Adam?

I have baby boy clothes I’m more than willing to give!

Carri Johnson-Shriver get those clothes from Kyle

I am glad that they seemly escaped without harm. Such a terrible time to lose everything. Never a good time but the holidays have an extra sting I am sure.

Sharon Fletcher Cory

I have a bag full of S-M maternity if that’s her size!

Seth Meyer did you bring all those clothes to goodwill yet??

Angel Shirrell those baby clothes?

What size maternity?

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Weather Message from the Wayne County Emergency Operations Center...

This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for East Central Indiana,
Southeast Indiana, Northeast Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, Central
Ohio, South Central Ohio, Southwest Ohio and West Central Ohio.

.DAY ONE...This Afternoon and Tonight.

Areas of fog are expected to develop tonight, persisting into Friday

.DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Friday through Wednesday.

The probability for widespread hazardous weather is low.

Weather Message from the Wayne County Emergency Operations Center...

An upper level disturbance will cross over the region tonight. As
it gets closer, snow will develop over Indiana and central
Kentucky and then shift eastward into southwest Ohio this evening.
This disturbance will set up from northwest to southeast, crossing
from Dayton around midnight to Chillicothe and Portsmouth by
daybreak. An inch of snow is expected along this axis, but the
exact placement remains in question. Outside of this area, a half
to three quarters of an inch of snow is possible.