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Fire Deptartment

2 months ago

Hagerstown Indiana Fire Department

Great work by Dylan Moore a local firefighter from our area! ...

8 months ago

Hagerstown Indiana Fire Department

Thoughts and prayers for his family, friends, and fellow first responders. ...

Our thoughts are with the Cambridge City Fire Department with the loss of lifetime member Tony Chavez. ...


Boil advisory has been lifted. Thank you! ...


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Um, how long was it in effect?

Brittany Lawson Jeramiah Lawson


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Customers residing in Graceland Heights that lost total water pressure last evening are under a boil order until further notice. ...


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This would’ve been nice to know earlier.. what a joke

Is this still going on?

Shouldn't everyone in the neighborhood be on an advisory? What if you were not home to know if you lost pressure?

Angie Garrett Chris Garrett when did this happen 😂

Brittany Lawson, Jeramiah Lawson

@ Mary Van Tieghem Stuffel

Derek Hornsby Julia Kidd Hornsby

Emily Kisling

Greg Shock

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This exhibit is located on North Plum Street in front of the library today and tomorrow from 9am to 5pm. Admission is Free - Sponsored by Hagerstown Planning Commission. Check it out!Auto Indiana: Indiana Historical Society, sponsored by Jiffy Lube of Indiana. ...


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My husband Ron Gray wishes he could be there!

Me too. Been a long, long time for me. Maybe someday.

Kaley Caudill, you will have to check this out. I saw it pulling into town this morning.

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3 months ago

Town of Hagerstown, Indiana

Ashley Hardin was nice enough to share some pictures from our Fireworks display last night. It was a wonderful show! ...


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I was completely impressed, it was a great show.

Did anyone else see what was going on at the fair grounds ? Did someone really get shot at?

thanks for sharing these. the show was amazing!

These pictures are awesome


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Police Deptartment



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William Bill Ward

Amy Witham

Robert F. Angilella 😉

Ok, so when I use this line on you guys, you've gotta show the same enthusiasm and just let me go!😂

Evidently not fast enough since you caught me

Ben-Amber Haines

Wrong answer

Kelly Thompson


Morgan Peters

This is a true story. Officer....Do you know why I stopped you? Me....no why....do you know me? Officer.....laugh,laugh.ah no. Me...oh I thought you knew me and just wanted to say hi. I am not very smart sometimes. Ssshhh

A very close friend was pulled over by a Sheriff on a very remote stretch of road in rural Florida, and was asked "Do you know how fast you were going?" He stated 85, The sheriff says 85 what makes you think you were doing 85? He replied because that is as far as my speedometer goes. Somehow he got off, maybe because it was his former law enforcement ID.

LOL!! Probably wouldn't get you any brownie points!!

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HPD is investigating several Criminal Mischief to vehicles that occurred in the last 2 weeks.during the evening and early morning hours. HPD is also investigating Criminal Mischief to the bathrooms at the Optimist park (soccer field) in which the toilets were completely destroyed. If anyone observes suspicious subjects walking in town in the late evening or early morning hours please call (765) 489-4711 and report the activity. Any information given to HPD would be greatly appreciated !! ...


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Sound like the Optimist Club needs to add a couple of wifi cameras. Perhaps their members can monitor them from their homes or smart phones.

Wow people need to be supervising their kids it sounds like

The officers on duty need to stay in town at night...I leave every morning at 3am and never see a cop in town...my husband sees them sitting on St Rd 1 all the time through the night

Saw an SUV slowly driving up and down the roads on the south side of Hagerstown yesterday morning. Dark SUV. It paused on my block a couple of times so I drove around the block to make sure no one was doing anything to my house but it didn't come back. Next time, I'll take a pic of the license plate.

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