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A Grassroots Network

June 27, 2018

Made up of organizations, individuals, volunteers and local leaders, The Heart of Hagerstown represents a unique and diversified group of people working together in an effort to breathe new life into this place we all call home.

The Heart of Community

Recognizing that a community is only as strong as its core, The Heart of Hagerstown strives to be a resource of knowledge, experiences and communication for the community. Encouraging ways of improving business, supporting a locally owned healthy economic atmosphere, and creating a roadmap to revitalization.

A Movement of Community Changemakers

Leadership is about impact, influence and inspiration. We are building community to transform our local economy, leverage local leadership, and improve overall quality of life. We are a community defining our own future. Our brand is you, our community. It’s the people making change happen.

Purpose of the initiative:

  1. To provide a forum for members to share knowledge, experiences and problems and to develop educational programs concerning ways of improving business in Hagerstown.
  2. To encourage the development of more comprehensive legal and financing tools favorable to Hagerstown’s business viability.
  3. To increase public awareness of the benefits of having a strong business climate.
  4. To facilitate communication and cooperation between all sectors representing Hagerstown, including, but not limited to, business, service and retail, property owners, public institutions, residents, the public, and other nonprofit organizations.
  5. To assist and guide private/public entities in the implementation of business and charitable initiatives.
  6. Improve the overall image of Hagerstown.
  7. Attract more visitors and their dollars to Hagerstown.
  8. Encourage more people and businesses to locate to Hagerstown.

If you would like to be a member of this organization and have ideas to share, get in touch with us. Get in on progress, get in your town.